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 Cronulla Sharks
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Dugan's NRL preference remains at No.1
16 Mar 2018
Cronulla's Josh Dugan says Valentine Holmes had been judged prematurely at fullback, but admits the No.1 jersey is still his favourite to play in at NRL level.

Josh Dugan says Valentine Holmes had been judged unfairly before being shafted as Cronulla fullback one game into the season, but admits it's his own preference to play No.1.

Dugan had a mixed night on Thursday in his first game at fullback for Cronulla after Holmes had been moved to the wing against St George Illawarra.

The former Dragon had plenty of involvement for the Sharks before he grassed a try early in the second half that could have proved the difference in the four-point loss.

Dugan trained at centre for most of his brief first pre-season at Cronulla, after having also played on the edge at the end of last season with St George Illawarra and Australia during the Rugby League World Cup.

But while the 27-year-old insisted he was still happy to play where coach Shane Flanagan needed him, he conceded his heart had always been with the No.1 jersey.

"I love it. It's always going to be my preferred position, I think," Dugan said.

"Even just at training, I had a ball at training. I was out the back having fun again getting my hands on the ball.

"I think I didn't hurt myself in any way (against the Dragons). I went out there and played as hard as I could and I do that every week.

"It's just going to be one of those things. I have proven I can play both, so I think just keep working on it at training between me and Val and see what happens."

Dugan has played 133 of his 155 NRL matches as custodian, and also half of his 12 State of Origin matches there for NSW.

His move to the back came after a week of conjecture about the Sharks' No.1 jersey.

Holmes last year failed to live up to his previous wing prowess in his first season at fullback, and had a disappointing night out against North Queensland in the Sharks' round-one loss.

He was also quiet back on the wing on Thursday night, running just four times for 34 metres.

But Dugan said he'd made a point to speak to the 22-year-old during the week, pointing out he saw him as a dangerous fullback in the future who was was judged prematurely after round one.

"I pulled him aside and said I had his back," Dugan said.

"I thought one week - I don't think you can judge anyone on one week.

"He brings the ball back with courage. He's one of the best ball-runners in the game, I feel.

"Fullback's not just a position you can get thrown into and learn overnight. He's just got to keep working on it and he will get there."

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Last Game: The Sharks won against the Manly Eagles 40 - 16 at Toyota Park, Australia (5428 days ago)  game results here
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 Total Points Against: 513 
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Saturday, 10 May, 2003
Sharks 40
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St George 28
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Newcastle 32
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Melbourne 18
Sharks 12

Sunday, 6 Apr, 2003
Sydney City 40
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Sunday, 30 Mar, 2003
Brisbane 30
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Sunday, 16 Mar, 2003
Melbourne 36
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Sunday, 29 Sep, 2002
Warriors 16
Sharks 10

Saturday, 21 Sep, 2002
Sharks 40
St George 24

Friday, 13 Sep, 2002
Sydney City 32
Sharks 20

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 8   Canterbury   10 
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 10   Eagles   8 
 11   Cowboys   8 
 12   Sharks   6 
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